Blankstein Gallery, Millenium Library, Winnipeg, MB


November 1 - 30, 2012

Later this fall, Deborah is pleased to present Salvage, a solo exhibition about the inherent beauty of the book form and how when deconstructed and reinterpreted, it can be resurrected and repurposed once again. 

“Using virtually all of the original parts of the book – covers, spine, pages, threads, and text; my interest is to reassemble these various book parts into two and sometimes three-dimensional works, to create new story lines in a visual, yet non-verbal format.   

In an era where books as we know them are slowly being replaced by electronic devices, I feel that my work is in a sense, preserving in some way, traces of what may soon become a piece of our history. It is an honouring of the book form as a symbol of our cultural history.”