Agora Gallery, New York, NY

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition

August 24 - September 12, 2012

Reception Night: Chelsea’s International Art Competition & The Kaleidoscope of the Mind

By Florence DiJohnson On September 1, 2012

Although unusually cool for an August evening, the climate was hot in Agora Gallery last night, as people poured into the reception to see the selected artists from the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition as well as Agora’s collective exhibition The Kaleidoscope of the Mind.

The excitement started to build among the artists and staff when gallery director, Angela Di Bello, spoke eloquently about the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition and the unique opportunity it offers to any artist who is eager to exhibit in New York City. She added inspirational words about the special quality an artist exudes, not only in expressing experiences and emotions through the work, but also in the ability to connect people and communities. She concluded by expressing her own gratitude for the arts, and wished everyone a delightful evening.

Once the doors opened, international visitors, artists, friends, family and Agora Gallery regular attendees came to see the works of the exhibiting artists, including Abby Rieser, Kathrina Verguelis, Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen, Fred Mou, and Robert Langstaff – just to name a few.

Deborah Danelley who attended with friends and family, attracted visitors to her work from across the room. Her series entitled Meditations on Landscape pays tribute to the phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Visitors commented that her pieces, which encompass a minimalist’s approach to both collage and architecture, yielded attention from across the room, as the viewer struggles to identify the main materials from which the works were created. Using torn fragments from old, unwanted books, Danelley explores the simply beauty of a book’s form, deconstructing and reusing it to be resurrected again.

Although quite modest about discussing her works, by 7:00 pm, a group had formed around Danelley, as she discussed her process and inspiration. Danelley learned of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition at Agora Gallery 15 years ago, and finally committed to entering this year.