new work by Deborah Danelley

The Pathos of Things

September 24 - November 7, 2016
Artist in attendance: Saturday October 1 and Thursday October 20, 7-9pm.

Fleet Gallery
65 Albert Street Winnipeg MB

The title of this exhibition – the Pathos of Things, is a literal translation for the Japanese aesthetic idea known as Mono No Aware. It simply means empathy toward things, or a compassionate sensitivity to or identification with things outside oneself. It is also about an awareness and acceptance of impermanence, and a celebration of the natural beauty of things aged or in some way infused with the patina of life.

Often, the materials I use or the subject matter I am drawn to have been abandoned – used, misused, broken, damaged by time, rejected or just no longer needed. Like human scars, these are the very things that make someone or something unique. For me they carry physical proof of both strength and resiliency; they have had the ability not only to endure but to be transformed and now re-experienced for the appreciation of others.