Canadian artist Deborah Danelley, born in 1956, currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where she discovered her passion for creating art. She graduated from the University of Manitoba’s School of Art in 1997 as a Gold Medalist, and since then has been working fulltime as a visual artist. 

Although her thesis was in printmaking, it was the process and the materials that appealed to her the most. Consequently, it was a natural progression that she moved into more mixed media work.  Deborah’s work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions and she has completed public and private commissions including installations; the most recent being in Havana, Cuba in 2010, where she also works and volunteers annually, conducting art workshops for the children and artists in the Muraleando Community Project.

Artist Statement

Early on in my career I was introduced to the philosophical and aesthetic Japanese concepts of "wabi" and "sabi". A strong architectural influence in my life exposed me to "modernism". The combination of these two sensibilities is very much what I feel my art reflects. 

Wabi Sabi is evident in the mindful approach I take not only to life but also to my art practice. It can simply be defined as the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete, the beauty of things humble and modest, and the beauty of things unconventional. 

The aspects of Modernism that I have adopted are the abstract non-representational ideals of beauty, the idea that less is more, surface characteristics that are seamless, polished and clean, and a geometric organization of form.

Put these two aesthetics together and you are getting close to understanding my work. The glue that holds these together, hopefully, is a maturity in knowing myself, understanding the materials and trusting that the end result will be able to communicate the meaning and essence of the work.

Although I came from a strong printmaking background which will always be my first love, throughout my career I have been intuitively drawn to the physicality of materials. Over the years this has led to experimentation with repurposing common or found materials: wood, metal, tea bags, and books. I enjoy the idea of pushing the concept of what defines the usage of certain materials but the end result still has to be something that is aesthetically appealing as well as conceptually informed. 

From rich, dark etchings, to earthy multilayered tea collages, the deconstruction of discarded books in my latest work,  as well as the ‘wall‘ series reflecting the spectacular and endless state of timelessness depicted in the architectural decay of Havana -  I believe you will see work although diverse, that is inspired and created by a single artistic vision.  

– Deborah Danelley


Curriculum Vitae


The Pathos of Things, Fleet Gallery, Winnipeg, MB 2016

Impromptu, Fleet Gallery, Winnipeg, MB 2012

Salvage, Blankstein Gallery, Millenium Library, Winnipeg, MB 2012

Fragments of Time, Fleet Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2011

Material Circumstances, Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2008

Concealed Intentions, the LION and ROSE Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2004


This Week Only, UND Museum of Art, Grand Forks, ND, 2017

Poetic Licence, Blankstein Gallery, Millennium Library, Winnipeg, MB 2015

Por la Boca Muere el Pez, Galeria de Arte, La Moderna, Havana, Cuba 2015

Art and Architecture, Gurevich Fine Art, Winnipeg, MB, 2014

Botony Books and Beyond, Archives, Elizabeth Dafoe Library, U of M, Winnipeg, MB, 2014

In/Organic, Gurevich Fine Art, Winnipeg MB, 2013

Murales Pintados, Main St. Landing Gallery, Burlington VMT, 2013

The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, Agora Gallery, New York, NY. 2012

Homage: Between the Lines, Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg MB, 2012

Manitoba Society of Artists Annual Juried Exhibition, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2012

Murales Pintados, Bohemia Coffe House and Gallery, Ojai, California. 2012

International Original Print Exchange, Windsor Printmaker’s Forum, Windsor, ON, 2011

International Original Print Exchange, Thames Gallery, Artspace, Chatham ON, 2011

Latin Quarter – Murales Pintados, The Atrium Gallery, Ventura, California, 2011

Bound by Nature, Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2011

Por Amor, Galeria de El Tanque, Proyecto  Muraleando, Havana, Cuba 2011 

To’Mezcla’ O, Galeria Mariano Rodriguez, Villa Panamerican, Havana, Cuba 2011

Art Confrontations #11, Costume Museum Space, Winnipeg MB, 2010

The Portable Library Project, Mixed Media, Hamilton ON, 2010

The Portable Library Project, Roberts St. Social Ctr., Halifax, NS, 2009

The Portable Library Project, Lower Case Gallery and Reading Room, Vancouver BC, 2009

Beyond Words, Book Works, McGarry Guild Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2009

Art Confrontations #10, Adelaide McDermot and Cre8ery Galleries, Winnipeg MB, 2007

Human Dignity, Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2007/8

Kundalini Rising, Vault Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2007

Why Art? 3, Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2006/7 

Convergence, Oseredok Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2006

Bound for Peace, Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2006

The Compass of Perpetual Peace, the LION and ROSE Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2005

Aruhe, the LION and ROSE Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2004

Converge Errata, The Albert Hub Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2004

Books, Inside/Out, McGarry Guild Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2004

2004 Inter. Print Exchange, School of Art, U of O, Ottawa, Ont. 2004

Black and White ... Pure and Simple, the LION and ROSE Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2003

Home to My Heart, Adelaide McDermot Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2003

(dis)comfort level, Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2002

After Hours, Martha Street Studio Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2002

Alchemy, La Gallerie - CCFM, Winnipeg MB, 2001

Thesis Exhibition, U of M, Main Access Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 1997

Sculpture/Video Exhibition, (U of M), Ace Art Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 1997

Contemporary Book Arts in Wpg, ST. JOHN’S COLLEGE, Winnipeg MB, 1997

Canadian Portfolio Project, W. Virginia Univ, Morgantown, W. Virginia, 1996


Las Mujeres, contemporary cuban art, Blankstein Gallery, Winnipeg, MB 2015

The Pleasure of Getting Lost, contemporary Cuban art, MHC Gallery, Wpg. Mb. 2011

Bound by Nature, Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery, Winnipeg MB, 2011 


City of Winnipeg, Charleswood Public Library, Winnipeg, MB 2015

LM Architectural Group, Mel P. Michener Conference Centre, Winnipeg, MB 10/ 2014

Sabourin Residence, Winnipeg, MB. 09/ 2014

Worship Centre, Deer Lodge Centre, Winnipeg MB 06/ 2005 

FWC, Architecture and Urban Design Inc., Vancouver, BC 

(Book Works for Two Private Residences), 03/ 2003
Variety Speech and Language Services Centre

Victoria General Hospital, Winnipeg MB 05/ 2000


The Nest, Permanent Outdoor Sculptural Installation, Muraleando Community Project, Havana, Cuba. 2010


University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Manulife Securities Inc. Winnipeg, MB

Crosier, Kilgour & Patners Ltd   Winnipeg MB

Provincial Government of Manitoba, Winnipeg MB

Manitoba Hydro Head Office, Winnipeg MB

Acquire Capital/Rice Financial Group, Winnipeg MB

Deer Lodge Centre, Winnipeg MB

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Bijou Treasures, Winnipeg MB

Print Archives, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg MB

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Numerous Private Collections